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          Practice Areas

          Greater China Practice

          Carlsmith Ball’s Greater China Practice Group comprises attorneys with a deep understanding of the local cultures, languages and legal landscapes affecting business and investment opportunities between China and the U.S.

          Our attorneys’ bilingual capabilities and cross-cultural knowledge are essential to advancing the business interests of companies and individuals looking to invest or do business in the Asia Pacific region.

          Carlsmith Ball offers legal services in a wide range of areas including:

          • Administrative agency proceedings
          • Business formation
          • Employment benefits
          • Environmental law
          • Estate planning
          • Government relations
          • Land use and entitlements
          • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution
          • Media and entertainment
          • Mergers and acquisitions
          • Outbound investment into China
          • Project development and finance
          • Real property acquisition and development
          • Tax law, including tax structuring and compliance
          • White collar criminal defense and investigation